Thin crêpe-type Swedish pancakes are delicious served for breakfast or for dessert. They were traditionally fried in a heavy cast iron pan with low edges, but a crepe pan or non-stick skillet will work fine. A smaller variety (plättar), about 3 inches in diameter, are fried in a special cast-iron skillet with 7 circular 3-inch depressions. The pancakes are usually served with a preserve--the traditional accompaniment is lingonberries--and whipped cream, if desired. They can also be used as the basis for other dishes, such as pancake tortes or filled crepes.



Ingredients (4 servings)

4 eggs

1 cup flour

1 quart milk

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tbsp melted butter (or margarine)

butter (or margarine) for frying

Whip the eggs with half of the milk. A blender will work fine. Add flour and salt and whip until batter is smooth.  Mix in the rest of the milk and butter. Let the batter stand for about 10 minutes before starting to fry the pancakes.

Preheat the skillet over medium high heat, melt some of the butter in it and tilt the pan until the butter covers the bottom.  Mix the batter briefly, and pour a very thin layer into the skillet, tilting it so that the bottom is covered. Let the pancake fry until it start getting brown at the edges and the surface is dry. Turn carefully with a spatula and fry the other side until golden brown.   

Serve immediately, or keep warm in the oven for a short while on low heat in a covered baking dish.

Serve with berry preserve, and whipped cream, if desired.  Lingonberry preserve is the traditional accompaniment.

Leftover pancakes can be rolled up, wrapped individually, and frozen.


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