In the Swedish and Finnish calendars you'll see one or more first names for each day. A name day is like a minor birthday, celebrated with flowers, cards and maybe a cake. If you have more than one first name, you'll of course have reason to celebrate several times a year. The Name Day Calendar changes from time to time, as new names are added, often because of immigration into the country, and others fall out of use. In recent years, the Swedish Name Day Calendar was revised in 1988, 1993 and 2001, after having been unchanged from 1901 through 1987. To accommodate all common, and some not so common, first names, many days contain more than one name. In the Swedish calendar, there are presently 615 names.

First names usually have an original meaning. In the alphabetic list on the following pages you can find the meaning of your own, your relatives' and friends' Swedish names, and when the name day for each occurs. Many names used today come from the Old Norse, and a number of them have been found on rune stones. Many share their roots with names in other Germanic languages. German, English, Dutch and the Scandinavian languages, except for Finnish, are part of the Germanic language family. Other name origins are Latin, Greek, Persian or other languages. Sometimes the meaning of a name is obscure, and sometimes linguists have different theories about a name's meaning. 


ALPHABETIC LIST of name days, with information about the meaning and origin of each name:

A-C, D-G, H-J, K-M, N-S, T-Ö

FINNISH NAME DAYS, listed by month.


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