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Compared to other European cities, Stockholm has a very large proportion of green areas. Djurgården is part of the protected National City Park, located only a 10-minute walk from the centrum of Stockholm. A royal hunting ground in the 17th century, Djurgården today is a natural and cultural resource in a city of more than 1.2 million residents. It offers residents and tourist alike a wealth of attractions and recreational opportunies, including museums -  among them the outdoor museum Skansen - restaurants, and sports areas, as well as a natural park environment.

More than 250 bird species have been observed in Djurgården. A large colony of grey herons (right) nest in Djurgården. The heron used to be a rare sight in Sweden, but their number has increased lately, thanks to a protected status, and the heron was taken off the list of threatened  species in 2000. 

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View from Kaknästornet

Kaknästornet, the tallest building in Stockholm, is located in the northern part of Djurgården. It is a 155 meters high radio and television link tower, which also houses a restaurant and viewing areas with fantastic views of Stockholm and its surroundings.


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